Old Temescal Road!

Old Temescal Road
Is there a plaque?  YES! 🙂

What is it? A newly replaced roadside plaque!
What makes it historical? The guide says: This route was used by Luiseño and Gabrieleno Indians, whose villages were nearby. Leandro Serrano established a home here in 1820. Jackson and Warner traveled the road in 1831, and Frémont in 1848. It was the southern emigrant road for gold seekers from 1849 to 1851, the Overland Mail route from 1858 to 1861, and a military road between Los Angeles and San Diego from 1861 to 1865.

Other tidbits: That pretty well sums it up!


  • You can become a member of E Clampus Vitus, Billy Holcomb Chapter!
  • You can be a responsible visitor! That means respecting the signs and pathways and treating all structures and artifacts with respect! After all, they’ve endured a lot already to make it into the present! They’ll need our help to make it to the future!
How do I find it? Listed Directions:
On Old Hwy 71, 0.9 mi S of I-15 and Temescal Canyon Rd interchange
11 mi S of Corona, CA 92883

The plaque base is just east of the intersection of Temescal Canyon Road and Wrangler Way!

From Los Angeles: ~57mi (92km) — 1hrs
From Sacramento: ~439mi (707km) — 7.4hrs
From San Diego: ~87mi (141km) — 1.5hrs
From San Francisco: ~436mi (702km) — 7.3hrs

When should I go? Whenever the mood strikes you!

Old Temescal Road

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