Dersch Homestead!

Dersch Homestead
Is there a plaque?  YES! đŸ™‚

What is it? A plaque and replica of the original Dersch home!
What makes it historical? The guide says: Here in 1850 “Doc” Baker established a stopping place for emigrants on the Lassen and Noble Trails. George and Anna Maria Dersch took up a homestead on the land in 1861. A history of troubled relations between Indians and settlers led to an Indian raid on the ranch in 1866 in which Mrs. Dersch was killed. A posse was formed and killed most of the Indians at their Dye Creek Camp.

Other tidbits: This homestead was actually built by Native American laborers from one of the rancherĂ­as from nearby Jelly’s Ferry. It was a different band that first robbed the Dersch family of their cattle and provisions, then returned and killed Mrs. Dersch! The soldiers stationed at Fort Reading surprisingly did not respond to the raids, so the settlers took it upon themselves to hunt down and kill all Native Americans in the surrounding area, whether they were involved or not!


  • You can become a member of the E Clampus Vitus, Trinitarianus Chapter!
  • You can donate to the Shasta Historical Society!
  • You can be a responsible visitor! That means respecting the signs and pathways and treating all structures and artifacts with respect! After all, they’ve endured a lot already to make it into the present! They’ll need our help to make it to the future!
How do I find it? Listed Directions:
Rte 1, Box 273
Dersch Rd at Bear Creek
10 mi E of Anderson, CA 96007

That’s pretty confusing! The homestead is 0.5 miles east of Leopard Drive and 0.2 miles west of Hyrax Road!

From Los Angeles: ~548mi (882km) — 9.2hrs
From Sacramento: ~158mi (255km) — 2.7hrs
From San Diego: ~661mi (1064km) — 11.1hrs
From San Francisco: ~214mi (345km) — 3.6hrs

When should I go? Whenever the mood strikes you!

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