Campsite of Edward M. Kern!

Campsite of Edward M. Kern
Landmark #742 Kern County Visited: January 21, 2013 Plaque?  YES! 🙂
What is it? A plaque on the shore of Lake Isabella!
What makes it historical? THE GUIDE SAYS: Near this spot at the confluence of the north and south forks of the Kern River, the Theodore Talbot party of Captain John C. Frémont’s third expedition to the West camped for several weeks during December 1845 and January 1846. Frémont named the river in honor of Edward M. Kern, topographer for the expedition – Kern County was established in 1866.

OTHER TIDBITS: Mr. Kern actually accompanied John C. Frémont on two westward expeditions! For a salary of $3.00 a day, Mr. Kern drew field maps of their routes ever day with longitude and latitude coordinates along with drawings of landmarks they encountered! He documented the Rio San Felipe and the southern pass discovered by and named for Joseph Walker!

On the second expedition (1848-49), he was joined by his brothers, Richard (also an artist) and Benjamin (a doctor)! Sadly, many members of the party died in the Colorado mountains, and Benjamin was killed by Ute warriors when he returned to a spot where his brothers had hidden their sketches!

Mr. Kern left behind a vast collection of images depicting forts, battles, and topographical features like Mount Shasta! In absense of photographic cameras, these sketches are some of the best depictions we’ve got of the mid 19th-century California wilderness!

How can I Help the Helpers? HERE’S HOW:

  • Become a member of the Kern County Historical Society!
  • Donate to the Native Daughters of the Golden West!
  • Be a responsible visitor! Please respect the signs and pathways, and treat all structures and artifacts with respect. They’ve endured a lot to survive into the present. They’ll need our help to make it into the future!
Where is this place? LISTED DIRECTIONS:
Entrance to Old IsabelIa Rd Recreation Area
On State Hwy 178
2 mi N of the town of Lake IsabelIa, CA 93240

10714 CA-178
Lake Isabella, CA 93240

From Los Angeles: ~162mi (261km) — 2.7hrs
From Sacramento: ~319mi (514km) — 5.4hrs
From San Diego: ~275mi (443km) — 4.6hrs
From San Francisco: ~325mi (524km) — 5.5hrs

When should I go? Whenever the mood strikes you!

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