Onyx Store!

Onyx Store
What is it? A charming store in rural Kern County!
What makes it historical? This store was originally called the Scodie Store after its founder, William Scodie, who was originally from Prussia! He first moved to Keyesville in 1856 and opened a restaurant, then migrated downhill to this area and sold supplies from his home in 1861. With the help of a local rancher named Captain Andress, Mr. Scodie was able to overhaul his store into a more official looking establishment! Today, that store is still selling all kinds of knick-knacks and tasty treats (even the biggest supply of edible bugs I’ve ever seen) to wayward roadtrippers!

At its start, this town was supposed to be named Scodie in honor of its founder, but the USPS didn’t like the idea of giving the town a name so close to “Scotia,” which is up in Humboldt County!

How can I Help the Helpers? HERE’S HOW:

  • Shop at the store!
  • Become a member of the E Clampus Vitus, Peter Lebeck Chapter!
  • Be a responsible visitor! Please respect the signs and pathways, and treat all structures and artifacts with respect. They’ve endured a lot to survive into the present. They’ll need our help to make it into the future!
Where is this place? 23002 Highway 178
Onyx, CA 93255

From Los Angeles: ~164mi (264km) — 2.8hrs
From Sacramento: ~334mi (538km) — 5.6hrs
From San Diego: ~261mi (421km) — 4.4hrs
From San Francisco: ~340mi (548km) — 5.7hrs

When should I go? Between April and November, the store is open from 10:30 AM until 6:00 PM on weekdays, opening at 10 on weekends! Between November and the end of March, it closes at 5:00 PM! The store is open on holidays but closes at 3:00 on those days!

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