Tiny Traveler Photography 101: Anywhere the Wind Blows!

Last time, we explored how to frame yourself in the environment where you’re adventuring. While you’re in that environment, though, you are at the mercy of the elements, chiefly the wind!

You’re bound to encounter wind at some point on your adventure. It’s almost always windy by the sea and in the mountains, and it presents the greatest threat to tiny travelers. It takes a hurricane or a tornado to knock a human off their feet, but when you don’t weigh very much, a gentle breeze can be catastrophic! Luckily, there are ways you can protect yourself against the forces of nature while you are in the field.

Wind moves in gusts. If you are not in a perilous position, like on the ground or on a low platform, you can wait for a lull in the gusts, set up your shot, snap it quick, and get back to safety before the next gust hits. That’s what I did to get these photos:

I would not, however, recommend doing this if you’re high on a ledge or a cliff!

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to hunker down and wait for a lull. That’s when you enlist the support of something solid like a rock or a log! If it’s big enough, it forms a pocket of still air on its leeward side as the wind blows around it. If you can tuck into that space, you can take photos at your leisure when the Alaskan wind is gusting up to 60 mph!

Speaking of tucking, use your size to your advantage! You can wedge yourself into cracks and crannies that humans couldn’t normally. Hold tight, and you’ll be able to take death-defying photos from dizzying heights!

Or get low and wedge yourself up against a log or other solid surface. As the wind buffets you, you’ll be able to stay standing and safe from sailing! Even a notch in the branches of a tree, or the recesses of a bush can provide support.

Above all, use your best judgment! I’ve had some pretty big falls on my adventures, and I would not recommend them to anyone!

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