Beaver Valley Rock Shelter Site!

Beaver Valley Rock Shelter Site
What is it? The Beaver Valley Rock Shelter Site is Delaware’s only known cave!
What makes it historical? This 56-foot deep cave in a hillside was once a storage and shelter site for the Lenape tribe! It was first excavated in 1948 by the Archaeological Society of Delaware but not considered a cave! It fits the definition, though, a hollow underground space that’s large enough for a human to enter! For the next 10 years, Delaware continued to be called the only caveless state in the country, until local spelunker, George F. Jackson, added it to the national cave files. It took another 19 years until the National Speleological Society finally adopted it and gave Delaware its long overdue official status as a state with a cave!
How can I Help the Helpers? HERE’S HOW:

Where is this place? Email me if you want the specific coordinates, but I will at least post that the closest parking spot is at:

Beaver Dam Road and Brandywine Creek Rd
Wilmington, DE 19803

From Dover: ~59mi (95km) — 1hrs
From Seaford: ~95mi (153km) — 1.6hrs
From Rehoboth Beach: ~100mi (161km) — 1.7hrs
From Wilmington: ~8mi (13km) — 0.2hrs

When should I go? Drop by whenever the mood strikes you, but it’s much easier to find the cave in the winter!

Beaver Valley Rock Shelter Site

Beaver Valley Rock Shelter Site

Beaver Valley Rock Shelter Site

Beaver Valley Rock Shelter Site

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