Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society!

Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society
Not numbered. Philadelphia County Visited: December 21, 2017 Plaque?  YES! 🙂
What is it? A blue and yellow plaque by the US Mint building in Philadelphia!
What makes it historical? THE PLAQUE SAYS: Organized in 1833 by Quaker abolitionist Lucretia Mott, this society, headquartered here, originally consisted of sixty women who sought to end slavery. After the Civil War, the society supported the cause of the freed slaves.

OTHER TIDBITS: This organization is deeply intertwined with the women’s rights movement! While attending a meeting of the American Anti-Slavery Society, where she was not allowed to be a delegate, Mrs. Mott got up to speak in front of a room full of men. She was able to get them to sign the Declaration of Sentiments for women and also got formal encouragement to set up a female-led anti-slavery movement as well!

On December 9, 1833, the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society opened its doors! Some of their strategies included petitioning, lobbying, establishing schools for African-Americans, and boycotting goods that were manufactured by slaves! Though their meeting place was burned to the ground by pro-slavery protestors in May of 1838, the society was undaunted and continued their work until 1870 when the Fifteenth Amendment outlawed voting discrimination by race!

How can I Help the Helpers? HERE’S HOW:

  • Go to work for the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission!
  • Buy something from shopPAheritage!
  • Be a responsible visitor! Please respect the signs and pathways, and treat all structures and artifacts with respect. They’ve endured a lot to survive into the present. They’ll need our help to make it into the future!
How do I find it? Listed Directions:
NE corner of 5th & Arch Sts.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Yup! That’s correct!

From Harrisburg: ~108mi (174km) — 1.8hrs
From Philadelphia: ~1mi (2km) — 0.1hrs
From Pittsburgh: ~305mi (491km) — 5.1hrs
From Scranton: ~126mi (203km) — 2.1hrs

When should I go? Whenever the mood strikes you!

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