Frequently Asked Questions!

Lots of people are surprised to see a beaver in a hat visiting amazing sites around the world, and sometimes, they have burning questions that they need to be quenched! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. Are you a bear?
  2. I am a beaver! I am a semi-aquatic rodent with efficient gnawing teeth, super sensitive whiskers, and of course, a big, flat tail for signaling danger, like from a bear, that would eat someone like me!


  3. Is your name Stanley?
  4. I’m a big fan of Flat Stanley’s work. We both love teaching, travel, and children, but…

    FlatStanleyFlat Stanley isn’t really one person but many people, designed by children around the world to be shared with each other and to teach about geography and culture! He’s been at it for 50 years! I, however, am only one beaver who is too scared to be mailed anywhere like Flat Stanley. I’m working hard to teach people about their world, but I hope to reach folks of all ages! Who knows? Maybe Flat Stanley and I will team up one day!

  5. Do you Photoshop your pictures?
  6. Sort of! I enhance colors, contrast, and clean up dust bits in Lightroom, and then I crop all of the pictures to a 5×7 aspect ratio and add a water mark in Photoshop! I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty tech-savvy beaver!

  7. I mean, do you edit yourself into your pictures?
  8. How boring! Nope! I get out of my room into the real outdoors, photograph these sites with a DSLR camera, and recommend that you do the same!


    Then I bring back the souvenirs to prove it!

  9. You have so many brothers. Which one is missing?
  10. I’m looking for George! The search has not been very successful so far, but I still think I’ll find him one day. I do still see my other brothers from time to time, though! You can click on each picture to see more photos with them!



  11. How do you fund your adventures?
  12. I depend entirely on donations, luck, and my skills as a stowaway! I also cut a lot of corners, like taking MEGABUS to San Francisco for $1 each way, sleeping in a tent, and packing my own snacks!

  13. Who takes your pictures?
  14. With 7 billion people in the world, I can usually find someone who’s willing to help me take a picture, and when I’m all by myself in the wilderness, I make sure to carry a handy-dandy tripod with me at all times!


  15. Why so many exclamation marks?!
  16. I am excited to be alive and adventuring and discovering and want to spread as much excitement about discovery as possible!!!

  17. Are there places where you won’t take pictures?
  18. I won’t take pictures inside cemeteries or places of worship. I want to be respectful of the deceased and of sacred spaces. Also, many Native American tribes believe that a camera captures part of the soul, and I’d rather not bring back a bunch of angry souls as souvenirs!

  19. What’s your mission?
  20. To document places and events significant for their history, beauty, and wonder, and to raise awareness and funds for the organizations that maintain these places!

Still have more questions? Let me know!

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