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George Beaver disappeared one day from his home in Incheon, South Korea, leaving behind a single note: I have gone in search of history, beauty, and wonder. Much love to you all.

Anxious to know what happened to his hero, George’s younger brother, Bill, set out to find him, taking a long flight across the ocean to Los Angeles, California, which became his base for adventure.

Since 2011, Bill has visited over 1,100 historical landmarks, 60 national parks, and two of the Seven Wonders of the World, but he still hasn’t found George.

Along the way, Bill realized that almost all of these amazing places are in danger from vandals, underfunding, and above all, apathy, so he launched The Bill Beaver Project to raise awareness about these locations and the organizations that support them. Each page comes with links to volunteer and donation opportunities to #helpthehelpers build a better world.


The mission of The Bill Beaver Project is twofold:

  1. To document places and events significant for their history, beauty, and wonder!
  2. To raise awareness and funds for the organizations that sustain these places!


Site Manager
Hi! I’m Bill! I was born in Incheon, Korea, where I learned to love human culture and to use the Five Deadly Arts! Now, I live in Los Angeles, which you could say is the cultural capital of America! I love to hike, climb, and swim, and since I’m a beaver, you’ll usually find me building something or other. That’s where this site came from! It’s my way of sharing my adventures with you and encouraging you to explore your world! Kyle Jarrett teamed up with Bill in 2011 when the energetic beaver was ready to launch his website. Kyle is a writer, photographer and adventurer, so Bill’s goals were right up his alley. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Kyle now lives in the City of Angels and does site maintenance and social media management for The Bill Beaver Project. In his free time, he writes stories, works out, and shoots time-lapse photography.

2 thoughts on “About The Bill Beaver Project”

  1. Dude, how much I envy you!!!! I would be happy if I can do the 21 missions or Yosemite!!! I love your website and I just found it with my daughter while researching about Nuestra SeƱora de La soledad Mission!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

    1. Hi Luis! Thanks so much! Where in the state do you live? There’s bound to be a way to make your adventure dreams a reality!

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